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Why can't I improve my skills while playing the guitar?

Author: Bruno Ferreira

This is probably one of the most frequent questions for every single instrument player - it is very common to find obstacles during our development even when we already use a study plan or specific program.

It becomes difficult to feel improvement, the motivation goes under the floor and it gets boring... Do you recognize this? You're not alone.

I'll share the top 3 tips to overcome this issue:

1. Create 3 different technique programs in different kinds of approach: basic technique (it's always good to reset our technique if we already have a routine), maintenance technique (those scales and arpeggios that help us to keep our skills in shape) and development technique (the stuff we still don't control so well). If you need help with this, check out the videos we made for you here.

2. If you don't have a defined program and you are always learning a new piece that might be the reason you don't improve, it takes time and practice to find out solutions for the problems and a lot of research. Find someone to help you setting a program for your level.

If you play the same program for a while change your program. Maybe you are playing difficult pieces for too long and sometimes it does not go any further until you leave them aside and pick them up again later. Try some easier program, something you'd like to play but you wouldn't because "it's too easy". Remember, it doesn't have to be technically difficult to improve our skills. Easy pieces are very good to improve our musicality and our artistic qualities.

3. Play with someone else. Gather some friends, choose a few songs, learn the chords and improvise. We spend so much time practicing meticulously our program, using our muscles the same way every single day and that's not good. We must give them freedom so our hands and fingers can learn other possibilities, free of responsability. Improvisation is a very good tool to provide some "free time" to our fingers from practice and it enhances our creativity. Guess what? You're still playing guitar and having fun with it!

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