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Guitar Lesson: Pastorale Op. 21 Nr. 16 - Intermediate

"Les Récréations des Commençans" Op. 21 is a compilation of 24 easy pieces for classical guitar suitable for beginner and intermediate students (and enthusiasts of the Classical Music, as well) that explores the idiomatic features of the guitar. Learning these small pieces allows the guitarist to cover the instrument's resources such as chords, arpeggios, scales, polyphony, slurs, articulation, phrasing and, most importantly, the style.

The Op. 21 nr. 16, under the name "Pastorale", is one of the most expressive and sentimentalist. It allows the interpreter to explore, in a very simple way, the art of singing a melody with the guitar. In this lesson I analyse briefly the musical context and character of this piece and I address some resources to be used in order to sing a melody and provide musicality to your own interpretation.

Content of the lesson

- Musical context and character of the piece

- Sing, breathe, phrase with your guitar

- Ideas for interpretation

👉Link to Guitar Music Sources where you can download music and method by Carcassi:

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