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UniGuitar is a learning platform created with the aim of providing simple, broad and truthful information necessary for guitar enthusiasts to become better guitarists and musicians.
The main goal of UniGuitar consists in adjusting the music education to modern times, therefore this platform was designed to reach guitarists with all kinds of content regarding music and keep the community updated through professional and reasoned research.
Sharing and spreading the knowledge and the satisfaction of our visitors is an important achievement for us!
Unlike most online learning platforms, UniGuitar is directed by a conservatorium trained instructor to guide you through the learning process. All different learning methods are simply laid out for new students and the communication with the instructor is quick and continuous for a better teacher-student relationship.

By watching someone play the guitar while explaining what they’re doing will help understand the curriculum better and that is the method employed at UniGuitar, which is much more rewarding than the experience you get by simply following instructions from an app. 
Although learning from an app can be fun and efficient, having a real teacher on the screen will give you an element of human connection.
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