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After signing up you will be able to start the Online Courses we designed for you. UG Patron membership will give you access to a broad curriculum with videos and PDF's that support your musical education.


Through UG Enthusiast and UG 6-Pack memberships we provide you live guidance through Online Guitar Lessons, via UG - Classical Guitar Online Academy's platform.

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Looking for 1-1 lessons?

The first step to become a UG member is to decide whether you need live guidance from an instructor or not. Although the Online Courses and videos provided at UniGuitar Online Academy are a great tool to get started, another way to boost your skills and musicality is through the mentorship of an experienced teacher.

The memberships UG Enthusiast and UG 6-Pack give you access to UniGuitar's booking system, which is intuitive, fast and easy to use.

*It is also possible to book single lessons (Masterclass) without becoming a member here!


Regular guitar lessons or booking freedom?

Both UG Enthusiast and UG 6-Pack memberships give you the possibility of booking Online Guitar Lessons.

  • UG Enthusiast is a monthly paid membership that allows you to book 4 guitar lessons within a month in any time of the week (according to the availability of your instructor). The lessons must be booked at least 4 days beforehand and rescheduling is always possible.

  • UG 6-Pack is suitable for students who would like to book classes freely on a non-regular basis. With this membership you will be able to book 6 online lessons within 6 months at your own pace.


Signing up

After choosing a suitable UG membership for you, you will need to sign up and create your account through the form provided by the selected membership below and you will be able to book  your lessons after the respective payment.

All prices are VAT included and automatically converted to your own currency on payment's page.

In your account you can manage your bookings, profile, webshop wishlist and other account related settings.

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