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Learn the foundation of your knowledge

Welcome to the Music Theory Course!


This module is about the basics of music theory. You'll start by learning what the tonal system is about, music notation and the structure behind the music you listen to. 
Video subtitles: English, Nederlands, Español and Português

Introduction to Music Theory

Welcome to the first lesson of the Music Theory Course. This video is an introduction to the theory of tonal system, in which you will learn the basics of music: use of alphabet and solmization to name the notes; the structure of the music system (the whole and half steps) and how it works on the guitar, in comparison with the keyboard.

Music theory

How to Read Music

This lesson presents the different notation systems available to read music and explains how to read music on a music staff. There is plenty of music written in this notation that you can access to if you master it.

read music sheet

How to Read Rhythm

The rhythm has its own grammar in music. Different symbols mean different sound/silence length or duration. On this lesson you learn how to split a measure according to a given rhythm pattern, the importance of measuring the musical rests or silence moments and you can experiment yourself a rhythm exercise at the end of the video.

rhythm on music sheet

Accidentals and Music Intervals

This lesson will prepare you for the upcoming videos about scales and chords. Music intervals might not seem to have a direct application in playing music but understanding them will be essential for your music education.

accidentals and music intervals

Minor and Major Scales

Finally, we've come to the last lesson of this module. It is about the major and minor scales. In this lesson you will be able to understand the theory behind the scales and get an idea how important, and yet complex, is to know the base of the music we play. From scales we can extract melodies, chords, cadences, intervals, key signatures, ...

major and minor scales