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Guitar Lesson: Bella Ciao - tips to learn & memorize new music

Hi there, welcome back!

Bella Ciao, quite famous tune after the release of the TV series "La Casa de Papel" is now arranged for classical guitar beginners. Originally, "Alla mattina appena alzata" (As soon as you stand up in the morning – free traslation), better know as "Bella Ciao", is a folk song that appeared within the protests of the rice fields workers against working conditions in the late 19th century. The text was later modified and used during the political crisis of the Second World War, in Italy called “Liberazione”, in which Italian partisans fought against nazi-fascist forces to end the German ocupation. This arrangement was made very simple so you can start your guitar journey playing something fun and exciting. This video is also a tutorial to introduce you some tips on starting to learn new music, especially when dealing with a polyphonic work (multiple voices). I also address another important matter that I often get asked about - the memorization of new music.

⭐Link to Repertoire Book for Classical Guitar - Level Easy:

This video is divided in 5 parts:

  • Bella Ciao - performance

  • Introduction

  • How to Start Learning a New Piece

  • Structure and Memorization with Chords

  • How to Play Upbeat Melodies

Hopefully you will find this lesson insightful for your practice habits and let me know on the comments below if you have any questions.

Have a good weekend!

Bruno F

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