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Guitar Lesson: Counterpoint, Ghost Notes and Music Detailing - Intermediate

"24 Leçons Progressives" Op. 31 is one of the most remarkable set of pieces composed by Fernando Sor in regards to educational material. As the name suggests, they progress in difficulty and present a diversified myriade of styles, from contrapuntal music to dance-like pieces. In this video I present a context and short analysis of the fourth piece - Andante - followed by a guide to interpretation ideas and remarks that I find relevant.

In the last chapter, I share my perspective on how to perform Sor's music by employing very detailed techniques and nuances that such beautiful music deserves, including voicing or voice leading tips, music stratification (fingerings and the balance of the right hand), how to perform appoggiaturas, stopping open strings and damping "ghost" notes (that often resonate sympathetically) and also the importance of keeping all notes pressed for as long as the composer intended.

👉Link to Guitar Music Sources where you can download music and method by Sor:

⭐Access the premium lesson to dive deeper in these topics and check out the exercises that aim to improve and calibrate your Right Hand's Balance:

Guitar lesson's chapters

  • Context

  • Analysis

  • Interpretation Guide

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