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How to learn and practice a tremolo piece - part I

Access the Premium version of this video to learn about the interpretation of a tremolo piece in detail.

Lesson's Content:

  • Harmonic and Melodic Legato

  • Voice Leading | Musical Layers

  • Phrasing Tips for a Tremolo Piece

Guitar tremolo is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and good looking techniques to play on a classical guitar. Most of us get delighted by listening to tremolo masterpieces such as "Una Limosnita por el Amor de Dios", “Recuerdos de la Alhambra”, Nocturne “Rêverie”, “Campanas del Alba”, “Un Sueño en la Floresta” and many other.

Despite of being “just” a study, Sagreras composed this lovely tremolo piece for his third study book for guitar that I recently added to my teaching program. It is a very well thought piece to start learning this technique, harmonically simple but melodically meaningful. Love it!

About this lesson. Tremolo is a technique employed to help a guitarist “sing” a melody. But in my perspective there’s more than just playing pami (fingerings of the right hand commonly used to play a fluent tremolo), playing a tremolo piece requires a very particular fluency, smoothness and musical flexibility. Just as a classical dancer moving along the music.

In this lesson I address the musical aspects related to learn and practice a tremolo piece, such as legato, the musical layers and some basic tips for a more interesting and engaging phrasing. Soon, there will be a second part of this lesson in which I will focus on how to practice and improve the tremolo technique. Don’t miss it out!



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