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guitar lessons for beginners



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classical guitar

Starting to Play Guitar?

We've got you covered.

The initial idea of learning to play an instrument is always exciting but at the moment you decide to get started it might become stressful, overwhelming and intimidating, especially when you choose to do it on your own. It is common to most of the beginners to have questions about the best way to begin so make no sweat - we break it all down here for you!

Find your instrument
buy a guitar

Find Your Instrument

What guitar should I buy?

Before going to buy the first guitar that was recommended to you, it is important to decide which style you want to learn. Purchasing a guitar is nowadays fairly easy but there are several types of guitars and each of them is better suitable for a certain style.


Tips on how to buy a guitar:


  • Defining the music style is the first step to choose the right guitar. Classical, Acoustic or Electric.

  • The guitar is the tool for your music, it has to be comfortable and help you to express your artistry. Get advice to find a suitable guitar and a good price-quality instrument.​

If you already have an instrument that fits your needs but you still have no idea what to do to start learning to play the guitar, skip to step II.

Setup your gear
gear to learn to play guitar

Setup Your Gear

How do I tune my guitar?

You have your guitar. You are excited to start learning. Your guitar does not sound well. We will help you through it.

An instrument and motivation is basically all you need to give wings to your music, but having access to useful accessories and apps will make your life easier and you will have more fun doing it.

In this step you will learn:

  • How to Tune Your Guitar

  • How to Change Guitar Strings

  • Gagdets and apps to make your life easier

  • Make up your practice room for better focus and inspiration

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