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How to practice tremolo - part II

Last time we started by talking about the musical aspects of the tremolo technique: how to play legato, how to balance the accompaniment and the "singing" part and many other things. This video is more directed towards pure technique. After all, we need the right tools to become musical therefore it is important to be in shape and to have a consistent tremolo.

⭐Download of the exercises and access to Premium version of the lesson with videos:

For a better understanding how important it is to play a balanced tremolo in order to create a smooth and fluent interpretation, this lesson is divided in two sections that progress in difficulty. The first part is directed to gain control on the thumb finger (bass line and accompaniment) and the second section is mainly focused on improving different aspects of the tremolo melody, which is commonly played by using pami pattern.

The exercises presented in this lesson go from very simple and basic to some complicated but efficient workouts. Most of them can be also applied to the actual tremolo piece you might eventually want to learn, by transforming one section of said piece into a dedicated exercise.

I hope you find it useful!

Content of the video:

- Introduction

- Some tips before getting started

- Exercises dedicated to improve thumb's control

- Exercise to improve stability, regularity, balance and control of the tremolo



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